How to Blow Up a Category - Netlify's New Era and The JAMstack Endgame

It's sad to see Netlify becoming less and less relevant. The first website I ever built was originally hosted on BitBalloon (Netlify's predecessor) and I hosted everything I could on Netlify back when I was working at Phiranno Designs.

Anecdotally people don't seem to be talking about the "Jamstack" anymore. Netlify claims it's because Jamstack has become the new norm, but I'm not so sure. The term has became more and more nebulous over time, to the point where it doesn't really mean much anymore. Plus, it always felt like a marketing term, so I think people have just soured on it.

On a side note, I started to lose interest in what Netlify was doing after Jason Lengstorf left. The same thing happened after he left Gatsby.