Luke Bennett


Hi, I’m Luke.

I’m a front-end web designer/developer. I specialise in making blazing fast websites using modern technologies. I’m currently the lead developer at Phiranno Designs — reach out if you’d like me to handle your next project.

I’m your cliche hipster web-developer — I love coffee and craft beer. I also own a Helvetica poster and have a sticker of a Mac Classic on my car.

I am a father to 7 kids (including 4 awesome step-kids.) I’ve always had a passion for design and I love technology and the open web.

This website proudly uses the following stack:

Tailwind (a utility first CSS framework) for almost all of my CSS. Gatsby (a blazing fast React-based static site generator) for the frontend. Netlify (a feature-rich and easy to use hosting platform) for hosting the frontend. Decoupled WordPress for the CMS/backend. DigitalOcean, (another great hosting platform) for hosting the WordPress install.